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Praiano is a town of about 2.000 inhabitants of the Italian province of Salerno in the Campania region, which belongs geographically to the Amalfi Coast.

view of Praiano

Praiano is a picturesque town situated between Positano and Conca dei Marini.
A twisted little known compared to the most renowned centers of the Amalfi Coast, this town has a long tourist tradition goes back to the period when the Republic of Amalfi Doge of Amalfi Praiano chose as their summer residence.
The structure of the country follows a typical pattern of the Divine Coast, where men have had to wrest the land from the mountains often steep hills that are thrown into the sea.
The town of Praiano develops at the base of Monte Tre Pizzi emerged (about 1120 meters above sea level) and extends to the Marina di Praia, located on the beautiful beach of Praia at the end of the valley nestled between high cliffs and rocky.

This natural harbor, used since the times of Plagianum, (original name of Praiano) is guarded by a medieval tower belonging to the network of lookout and signaling the arrival of the dreaded pirates Saracen.
One of the characteristics typical of the Amalfi Coast Praiano in general and in particular shall consist of the stairs.

Several points really beautiful in the municipal area can only be achieved by using the lower limbs. How well the saying goes, “not all evil comes to harm, ” the lack of good roads has preserved the beauty and uniqueness of places otherwise exposed to attack from tourism are not always careful.

Thin Head divides his village of Praiano Vettica Maggiore where is the set of Gavitella, a beach with a very special exhibition that can be radiated by the sun from sunrise to sunset, unlike the other beaches of the coast.
This beach has a wonderful view of Positano and Capri, a watchtower built in the Spanish period and a natural trough located inside a cave called “Fountain of the Altar”.

Very interesting are the many shrines in the area is dotted with Mediterranean architecture and are testament to the sincere religious feeling that has pervaded this place since ancient times.

The real beauty of Mediterranean architecture territory can not be fully understood if it does not end the visit with a boat trip because they are accessible only by sea a few of its beautiful beaches, set among the steep rocks and are easily reached by sea, even the beautiful caves of ‘African and Suppraiano.


  • The sound of gods,  a series of concerts on the square in front of the church of Santa Maria a Castro, located on the famous Walk of the Gods;
  • The “full moon”, the version of the sounds of the night, in the light of the full moon and some torch you can enjoy the charm of music with the backdrop of an enchanted;
  • The “Festival of Tradition”, with its dances, songs and folktales.


  • The Isle of Capri,  you have to go to reach it from Praiano at the nearby port of Salerno;
  • The Island of Ischia,  in order to reach it should go to the port of Naples and take a hydrofoil;
  • The National Park of Cilento andVallo di Diano,  is a destination of great interest with its famous resorts;
  • Paestum, with its spectacular temples located 77 km;
  • Agropoli 88 Km, 114 Km Acciaroli, the promontory of Palinuro, with its famous caves is 151 Km, 155 Km Marina di Camerota;
  • Sorrento is 21 km;
  • Pompei is 42 km;
  • Worth a visit, even if far from Praiano, the beautiful resorts of the Gulf of Policastro, Sapri and Maratea, and the beautiful Val d’Agri.

source wikipedia.com and Praiano.it


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