The Restaurant

Enjoy the Site and its Flavors…

The restaurant is open from 12.30pm until closing time

The restaurant “Il Pirata” is located in Praiano on the path, starting from the marina of “La Praia”, runs westward from the coast and the sea. It is part of the circuit of places of “well being” where the most authentic Mediterranean cuisine is combined with the uniqueness of the landscape, offering rare moments of pleasure.

The ability to taste the dishes of traditional cuisine is enhanced by the natural setting of rocks, sea and sky that give guests the feeling of living with the full beauty of creation.

The convivial moments spent at the “Pirate” are moments of “joy and sharing” with Casimiro, who, with the art of silence, and his natural grace evokes the world of the ancient merchants of the Republic of Amalfi, with Pasqualina which, with consummate contributes to the mastery of food preparation and Vera and Rino that direct everything and entertain guests with a natural affability.

The Table to the pirate is not just the first fruits of the earth washed down with wine that Rino select that with solid experience for its guests, but is peppered with discreet atmosphere and magic of the full moon and the warm light and blinding of the day.

To go away from the pirate, after lunch, never leave it is a momentary time off to let the memory of the happy time spent keep you company until the next return.

Il Pirata Restaurant Il Pirata Restaurant Il Pirata Restaurant Il Pirata Restaurant