Lounge Bar

Moments of unique and great fun.

The lounge bar is the true heart of “Il Pirata” is the place where between a “port”, a glass of “red” or a “tape” is familiar finding themselves in a cave carved into the rock primeval course, that gives a sense of peace and security which leads to relaxation of the mind.

By day and night gives coolness gives dreams and fantasies that chase and renewed pursuit of new worlds and abandoning others, place of serenity and magic of intimacy where the impulses of the soul find their most authentic mode of expression.

The atmosphere dissolves in the musical rhythms passages of time that alienate the host and bring it back to a size of joyfulness that shares in tune with everyone present.
A warm and familiar discrete unites patrons and charm the place becomes time to share aspirations, dreams, plans, promises, life stories, told of lives, of broken ambitions, disappointments, completing its full purposes of aggregation and participation.

The lounge bar of the “Pirata” is an extraordinary moment of “real life” that awaits you and knows to give you the right entertainment!

Lounge Bar